Governor announces large budget cuts to PG County, county executive “disappointed”

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Governor Hogan at a press conference in August

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — Governor Hogan will soon propose cuts to the 2017 budget, and nearly $4 million of these cuts will come from grants to local jurisdictions – with $3.5 million alone coming out of grants to Prince George’s County.

The governor is cutting local government disparity grants, which were instituted in 1992 to help out areas of Maryland that generated less money from income taxes than the state average. These grants will be reduced by $3.9 million. The cuts to Prince George’s County make up 90% of statewide cuts to these grants.

“We are disappointed in the proposed budget reductions by Governor Hogan in the disparity grant and other programs – local management boards and community legacy programs – that benefit the residents of Prince George’s County,” said a statement from county executive Rushern Baker III. “By making reductions in this grant, the Governor is clearly indicating that he does not want the State to assist residents in our community.”

On the whole, Governor Hogan wants to cut $83.3 million from the 2017 state budget.