Escaped prisoner on the loose in Baltimore

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Outdated mugshot of escaped prisoner Vernon Goode

BALTIMORE, Md. — A man escaped police custody around 5 p.m. today after working his way out of his handcuffs and fleeing on foot.

Vernon Goode, 41, had been arrested on a domestic violence warrant and was transported to the Central District, at which point he escaped.

He was last seen at the police station, which is located on 501 E. Baltimore St., and he’s from the 1600 block of N. Gilmore Street. He is an African American male, about 5’10” with a medium complexion.

As compared to the mugshot, Goode now has neck-length dreadlocks. He was last seen wearing a short sleeve burgundy shirt, dark jeans, and was carrying a black bookbag with braided stitching.

Police ask anyone with knowledge of his whereabouts to call 911 immediately.