Dogs victimized by Hurricane Matthew making their way into the DMV

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Alexandria -- Animals that were awaiting new homes in North Carolina when Hurricane Matthew hit are making their way north and into DMV-area shelters.

Just this week the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria brought in 9 dogs from Wayne County in North Carolina. It's one of several shelters bringing in an estimated 86 dogs through the Humane Society of the United States.

The move is being made to free up shelters in flooded areas like eastern North Carolina to give people who are out of their homes due to flooding a place to keep their pets until homes can dry out, get fixed or be replaced.

“We are proud to be a part of that program and it's an amazing thing in terms of what they're doing and what other shelters around the nation are able to do,” said Hanna Rhodin, Director of Operations at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

Rhodin said there are already around 14 dogs at their shelter and closet to 60 being fostered by volunteers. With hurricane victim dogs soon to be added to the mix the group is waiving adoption fees for dogs (excluding the new arrivals.)

It will take a week or two to have vets check out the North Carolina dogs and get them ready for adoption according to Rhodin.