DCW50 Exclusive: 9/11 victims’ families frustrated because it has been 15 years, still no trial date

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GUANTANAMO BAY – Fifteen 15 years since the deadliest terror attack on United States soil, and still no date has been set to officially try KSM and the other men, charged with orchestrating the plan and training the terrorists who killed thousands on September 11th, 2001.

Victims’ families traveled to Guantanamo Bay in October to sit-in on pretrial hearings, in hopes that laying eyes on the masterminds behind the attacks that murdered their loved ones would provide answers, understanding, and possible closure.

In Friday’s pre-trial hearing, attorneys argued about whether or not the defense needed to write a joint defense agreement to present to the judge, just in case, when this goes to trial, the five accused terrorists turn on each other and testify against one another.

Prosecutors said it is necessary, but the defense said they fear it will interfere with attorney/client privilege and disclose too much information.  Plus, KSM’s attorney and two other defense teams believe there is pretty much no chance the accused will testify or pit themselves against each other.

However, the prosecution argued there is already talk of one of the accused men trying to severe from the rest of the group, and the possibility of at least one of them testifying.

Now it is up to the judge to make a ruling before the trial starts, a day people who lost family members on September 11, hope will come soon.


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