DCW MVP engineering an early start to next baseball season at Flowers High School

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Springfield, Md. -- This week's DCW MVP wants to fly to every baseball hit in the air and maybe dive for a ball that travels a bit far out of reach but also wouldn't mind being a little robotic either.

Anthony Robinson of Flowers High School in Springfield chose the school because of its Project Lead the Way program. It allows students, as early as their 9th grade year, to start taking classes focused on engineering.

"It's called a Digital Electronics class and that's mainly learning how to build sculptures and different kinds of homes," said Robinson about one of his favorite classes at Flowers.

Robinson, a junior, is also building his resume as a team leader on the Jaguars baseball team. Despite the baseball season not getting started again until the spring, Robinson practices about three times a week and plays weekend games with non-high school teams.

"Most of the time when I'm focusing on making my game better I'll go on YouTube and might type in a certain player and I'll watch the little things they do that I can possibly do to improve my game," said Robinson.

Robinson's coach, George Brown, said he's impressed with the way that Robinson can remain focused on baseball yet still maintain a high grade point average through the rigorous course schedule. Brown said Robinson helped pace last year's Jaguars team, which held a 3.6 GPA overall.

Robinson is so devoted to a future in engineering that he's applying to colleges with strong engineering programs like the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech.