Addict sentenced after stabbing 95-year-old 50+ times, robbing him

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Eric Dyson

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — A circuit court judge sentenced a man Wednesday with the second-degree murder of a 95-year-old man, who he had robbed after killing.

Eric Dyson, 62, said that the killing was in response to unwanted sexual advances from the victim, Dan Belvin, 95. Back in May, authorities said that Dyson had told them prior to the killing that he had a relationship with Belvin which included sexual favors in exchange for money, and the use of the victim’s car.

Dyson had a crack cocaine habit, which he needed money to sustain. He was found guilty of fatally stabbing Belvin more than fifty times, after which he made multiple withdrawals from Belvin’s accounts over a three day period. He was also convicted of four theft-related counts by a jury who deliberated for ten days.

Dyson was ultimately sentenced on Wednesday to 47 years in prison.

Belvin was a WWI Navy Pilot and a Korean War vet who lived at the Randolph Village Senior Citizen Facility, where he was killed. The homicide took place on February 19, 2015.

“To stab a 95 year-old man over 50 times so you can get high is utterly unforgiveable but further still to besmirch a man’s reputation by claiming he sexually abused you adds insult to injury,” said State’s Attorney John McCarthy.

Dan Belvin

The victim, 95-year-old Dan Belvin

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