Prince George’s County Public Schools announces Early Start program beginning Monday

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Prince George’s County, Md. – Public school leaders in Prince George’s County want the pre-kindergarten classrooms to suffer as little disruption as possible despite a lot of changes that have occurred and may still occur beginning next school year.

To that end, the school district has announced it will launch its own Early Start program on Monday which will mirror a lot of the programs offered to 3 and 4 year-old students in low income schools through the federally supported Head Start program.

Head Start leaders pulled funding for Prince George’s County schools just before the start of the school year because of abuse investigations.

The Early Start program will be paid for with local money the district said will come from the reassignment of Head Start support staff in the administrative office and a hiring freeze on open positions within the administration.

The school district determined it was best to the spend the money and take over the program for the school year rather than allow Community Development Head Start—an organization named by the federal government to oversee the early education program—to come into the schools and make immediate changes like rearranging teachers and programs.

The Early Start program will also include training for teachers and background checks for staff and educators. There will also be a commission established (which will include parents) that will keep tabs on the Early Start program moving forward.

Here is a question and answer sheet Prince George’s County Public Schools released to coincide with the Early Start program.

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