Peaceful protest planned as community seeks answers in police shooting death of Terrence Sterling

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WASHINGTON -- A peaceful protest is scheduled to take place Monday at 4:19 a.m..  Family members, friends, and advocacy groups plan to block the intersection of M Street and 3rd Street Northwest, as they call attention to and demand answers in the killing of Terrence Sterling.

Investigators said 31 year-old Sterling was riding his motorcycle on September 11th when he was shot and killed by a dc police officer.

“It is just disgusting to be at two weeks and still not have anything,” said Steven Douglass, a close friend of Sterling’s.

Officials said the two officers involved were immediately put on administrative leave, but two weeks later, the officers had not been named, and the story police initially gave media differed from what witnesses say happened.

“We marched in the streets for Trayvon Martin, here in the District, we marched in the street for Michael Brown, and others after that.  We marched for them and when it happens in our own backyard, for us to not be saying anything, not to have any huge turn out, we are not being accountable,” expressed Douglass.

Douglass said the protest would be held at M Street and 3rd Street Northwest at 4:19 Monday morning, the same place and time Sterling was shot.