NCP receiver Ross hauls in school’s student athlete honor & DCW MVP

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Washington DC -- This week's DCW MVP is helping his team and school deal with the loss of a former high school football teammate to random violence in southeast DC.

National Collegiate Preparatory lost a recent team captain when Zoruan Harris, 18, was shot and killed last weekend in a shootout during a community celebration that left 2 people dead and 7 others hurt near Birney Place.

Andre Ross remembers Harris as someone who was always looking out for others on the team. Ross admired his late friend for the faith he always had in fellow teammates.

Ross and the National Collegiate Prep Panthers took the field Friday night in honor of the Harris. Many friends attended a funeral for him on Friday and Ross said the team was thinking of Harris as it practiced for its game this week.

"You would have never thought that something like this would happen to someone like him," said Ross, a junior at NCP.

Ross is not just a team leader because of his skills as a wide receiver and cornerback but also the way he prepares for his school work.

"I'm excelling in math, English, biology and I'm taking a new class, psychology, and I like that class-- I’m doing well with that as well," said Ross.

Ross also plays basketball and runs track for the Panthers.

He doesn't mind staying busy because he feels like juggling college prep courses and sports will prepare him for doing the same in college.

"I've been doing a lot of work trying to improve myself to be a better person not just a football player but a better person, in general," said Ross.