Rockville man pleads guilty to killing elderly neighbors

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ROCKVILLE, MD — A Rockville man pleaded guilty Tuesday to two first-degree murder charges for the killing of his elderly neighbors on Mother’s Day 2015.

"This attack could not have been more savage,” said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy after the court proceedings, during which he spent over an hour laying out the case the state had against Scott Michael Tomaszewski, 32, of Rockville.

McCarthy said that sometime between 1 and 2 a.m. on Sunday, May 10, 2015, Tomaszewski entered the home of his neighbors, Richard and Julianne Vilardo, before attacking them. He added that Tomaszewski said it was a robbery gone wrong.

“But the attack seems to have preceded the taking of any objects,” countered McCarthy. “As you listened in court today, you found out that this was not a robbery gone bad, but this was a calculated act where a man came armed with multiple knives."

McCarthy said Tomaszewski attacked the Vilardos throughout the first floor of the home as they fought for their lives.

"The last act on earth that Mr. Richard Vilardo was engaged in, I firmly believe, was his last ditch effort to save his wife,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy added that after the attack, Tomaszewski went home, put his clothes in the washer and then went on an Alaskan cruise with his family. During that time, he posted on Facebook about his shock towards the crimes and criticized the “bumbling” police.

“Well, he found out exactly how bumbling the Montgomery County Police were when they put cuffs on him five days later in Alaska,” said McCarthy, who stated that when Tomaszewski was arrested he had money in his pocket that was covered with the blood of his victims.

After Tomaszewski’s arrest, McCarthy said they couldn’t find one of the knives they believe was used in the attack. It was a large kukri that they saw in a photo on his cellphone.

Prosecutors say they eventually discovered that Tomaszewski’s mother had found the knife, along with other pieces of evidence from the crime, and threw them out in the county’s garbage dump. They agreed to give her immunity in exchange for testimony against her son.

Dozens of family and friends of the Vilardos were present during the plea hearing and afterwards the couple’s son thanked law enforcement and prosecutors for their work.

"This 17-month nightmare perpetrated by a monster that we’ve known for most of our lives,” said Andy Vilardo.

Tomaszewski will be held without bond until his sentencing, set for November 15, and McCarthy said he will seek the maximum allowable penalty: life without the possibility of parole.