More than 100 school employees on leave amid Prince George’s Schools abuse, misconduct investigations

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UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – Controversy, heated discussions, and major allegations made against the second largest school district in the state.  Prince George’s school district has about 20 thousand employees, as of September, there were 124 employees on leave, amid multiple investigations of alleged abuse and misconduct.

Monday, Prince George’s County officials and school leaders met to talk about all of the abuse allegations that were surfacing and what to do moving forward.

“Everybody passing the buck, but nobody is taking the blame,” said a father who was told that Child Protective Services is investigating an incident involving his 4-year-old son, possibly being molested by a Prince George’s County bus aide.

“He doesn’t know everything that is going on, he doesn’t understand why he does things like masturbation, and that type of thing,” the father explained about how is son has been coping.

The alleged incidents in question are from last school year, but were not investigated by CPS until May, and police got involved about a month later.

The bus aide was put on administrative leave during the first week of school, right after Dr. Kevin Maxwell, Prince George’s Schools CEO, said he found out about the case.

Similar to the timeline of events following reports of Head Start students being abused in January, that were made public about six months later.

Concerned and outraged parents and officials spoke out in Monday’s meeting.

“You guys are admitting in this hearing that you know of things and just like, oh I wasn’t at the meeting or I didn’t get the minutes, that’s not acceptable,” said one parent.

Maxwell explained the district is changing the way abuse is reported.  “We have changed reporting structures to make sure me and other key staff receive immediate notification of incidents.”

Monday, DCW50 checked with the States Attorney’s office, for charges against the bus aide, as of then, there was no paperwork on that case.