DCW MVP: Maya Angelou senior feels community pride in football team’s success

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Success on the football field for Robert Edwards has made him proud of the southeast neighborhood he grew up in.

Edwards is this week's DCW MVP.

Edwards is a senior at Maya Angelou Public Charter School. He lives a few minutes away from the school and says one of the reasons he's been here since the ninth grade is because he wants to create success close to home. He identifies the area as 57th, 53rd and Lincoln Heights.

"I feel like this is my home school and I want to play with my home school versus playing with anyone else-- I want to make my home school better," said Edwards. "Some people just see the bad in the neighborhood so I wanted them to see the people in the neighborhood got talent."

In 2015, the Maya Angelou football team won the Public Charter Schools Athletic Association championship by going undefeated.

Edwards sees himself as a leader on the team and one of many people who will turn their time at Maya Angelou into success in the future.

"You need to be responsible in school because you're not always going to have that parent right there to tell you what to do or to make you to do this and do that," said Edwards.

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