Head of Anne Arundel economic development arrested for burglary

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Booking photo of Robert Hannon

ANNE ARUNDEL, Md. — The CEO of Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp. was arrested Friday on multiple charges of burglary, after his neighbor told police she saw him on her home security camera breaking into her residence and going through her underwear drawer.

The accused is Robert Hannon, 70. The Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp.  is a quasi-public agency that the county executive appoints the CEO of. Hannon was arrested at 11:30 a.m. on Friday at his workplace, after police reviewed the security footage that the woman, 62, had turned over to them.

“Mr. Hannon removes an item of lingerie and walks out into the hallway of the apartment, out of sight of the camera,” the officer who investigated the woman’s complaint wrote. “He then returns about 10 seconds later, and places the item back in the drawer.”

The woman said that while watching the video, she observed Hannon touching an item of clothing that was on the footboard of her bed, then making his way to her dresser, where he proceeded to touch her underwear.

“Upon further inspection of the video it is observed that Mr. Hannon only uses his right hand to go through the drawers,” the report reads. “Mr. Hannon appears to be holding an item in his left hand. As Mr. Hannon turns to leave the bedroom the final time he moves his left hand, and keys can be heard jingling together.”

As of Friday afternoon, the Annapolis Police Department was in the process of charging Hannon with first-, third- and fourth- degree burglary.

Owen McEvoy, a spokesman for County Executive Steve Schuh who appointed Hannon, said that Schuh is “surprised by these troubling charges” but has not asked Hannon to step down and wants to handle this arrest as a confidential personnel matter.