Bei Bei the panda turns one, celebrates

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Bei Bei tears open presents (Photo by the National Zoo)

WASHINGTON, DC. — Bei Bei the panda has captured local hearts since he entered the world last year on August 22nd, the lone surviving twin of a pair born to Mei Xiang at DC’s National Zoo.

He and his mother can be observed year-round on a panda-cam provided by the zoo. Bei Bei famously slept through his media debut last December and again through his debut to the public in January.

Bei Bei proved himself consistent when zoo visitors began to arrive to celebrate his birthday on the 20th. Mei Xiang ate most of his birthday cake (a block of ice with fruit inside) while her son snoozed.

On the 22nd, his calendar birthday, Bei Bei was much more lively, thrilling visitors with his antics and gleefully tearing open “presents” zookeepers gave him that contained treats inside.

Bao Bao, Bei Bei’s sister, will celebrate her 3rd birthday tomorrow, and their father by artificial insemination, Tian Tian, will turn nineteen on the 27th.