Couple leaves hateful message on receipt instead of tip

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(PHOTO: John Elledge)

HARRISONBURG, VA – At a restaurant in Harrisonburg, Virginia, a couple left a message reading “We only tip citizens” instead of a tip for their Latina server. The server at whom the message was aimed, Sadie Elledge, and her grandfather, John Elledge, were upset by the hateful words. So, John Elledge took to social

Sadie Karina Elledge, 18 ((PHOTO: John Elledge)

Sadie Karina Elledge, 18 ((PHOTO: John Elledge)

media, posting the picture of the receipt.

John Elledge posted the picture to his Facebook page, and it quickly drew attention from his friends and others. Elledge is white, but his wife is Honduran. He describes his family as bicultural. Despite living in a Southern city for nearly thirty years, he says that he has not had to deal much with discrimination. The message on the receipt his granddaughter received was one of the few times his family has experienced this kind of prejudice.

According to John Elledge, his granddaughter, Sadie Karina Elledge, 18, was born in the United State and is of Honduran and Mexican descent. She recently graduated from high school and is about to start community college in a few weeks.

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