Chuck Brown fans prepared for park festival, sizzling heat

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Washington DC -- Hundreds of people braved another day in the 90s to celebrate Chuck Brown Day at the southeast park named after the musician.

At least two DC Fire and EMS were there to help people deal with heat stroke and dehydration should problems occur.

Most people packed water bottles and snacks to help keep them cool as they enjoyed music to help celebrate the godfather of go go music.

"It means a lot to the people of Washington DC," said Tonya Ramirez, who missed the inaugural concert last year but braved the heat for Saturday's concert. "He brought a face to go go around the world so I'm here to celebrate.

Mothers like Tracy Fenwick said keeping an eye on seniors and the children at events like this is a community responsibility.

"You know your kids' limits, you've got to watch them," said Fenwick. "They're going to want to play until they drop."

Fenwick went to the park with her daughter and a group of friends. She said when everyone keeps an eye on each other's energy levels and makes sure that no one is going without water it helps everyone have a good time.

For many on Saturday, that meant having the energy to enjoy some good music inspired by Brown.

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