Olympic champion Katie Ledecky returns home to open arms

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DULLES – With five medals around her neck, Katie Ledecky arrived home Rio, Wednesday

Excitement and anticipation filled baggage claim at Dulles International Airport as some of Ledecky’s closest friends and biggest fans waited for her to step off the plane.

Some of the girls have trained with Ledecky for years on Stone Ridge’s swim team.

“Its so different in practice like she’s practicing with everyone, keeping pace with all the guys of course and then she goes to the Olympics and she’s still in her own league, and it’s the Olympics!” explained teammate Kelleigh Haley.

Ledecky conquered Rio, bringing home one silver medal and four gold medals, and shattering records.

“It feels great when all hard work pays off, I set some really big goals and I didn’t know if they would be attainable but I hit them right on the head and that’s a really good feeling,” Ledecky expressed.

Ledecky said she owes a lot of her success and stamina to her support system.

“It means so much to me to have their support, I felt it the whole week in Rio and to see them first thing when I get home, it means so much to me,” Ledecky told reporters.

One of Ledecky’s assistant coaches, Paul Boman said he is proud of what she is accomplished in the pool, but he is even more pleased with who she is.

“Her feet are firmly on the ground, she’s the greatest freestyler of our generation but she is firmly planted.”

Ledecky said for now her main focus is getting ready for college,  she leaves for Stanford in the coming weeks.