Metro employee fired after running red light

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Photo credit: CNN

WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to officials, WMATA has taken another administrative action on a red light incident that occurred on July 27th. The train operator who was on duty at the time of the incident has been fired.

On July 27th, a red light signal was overrun as a train departed the National Airport Station. Officials say that the Safety Department determined that the cause was an error on the part of train operator. The department will be continuing its investigation. However, for reasons related to the operator’s personnel history, the operator was fired.

In a statement from Metro GM/CEO, Paul J. Wiedefeld, he stated “Bus and train operators are among the most safety-critical jobs at Metro.  The wellbeing of our passengers and employees is in your hands.” Wiedefeld went on to say, “I know these cases of rules violations are exceptions, but please see them as I do – not just as a reminder of what it means to be accountable, but also of the importance of maintaining situational awareness, rules compliance, and avoiding bad habits that can creep into repetitive work.