Mother pleads guilty to drugging, murdering her 5 year old son

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Just weeks before the case went to a jury trial, a Montgomery County mother went before a judge, Thursday, and admitted to killing her son.

Narges Shafeirad pleaded guilty to first degree murder in exchange for 50 years in prison.

On June 16, 2015, fire crews were called to Sam Eig Highway and Fields Road in Gaithersburg, for what was believed to be a car accident and a car fire, but soon turned into a murder investigation.

“Through the good work of the Montgomery County Fire Marshal and detectives we were able to see that the fire was set intentionally,” explained Ramon Korionoff, with the State’s Attorney’s Office.

Detectives found two jugs of gasoline in the car.

“Seemingly one portion of the car was severely burned and so was the child, her five-year-old son,” said Ramon.

The investigation also found the child did not die in the fire, he was killed before the fire was set.

“It was an intentional poisoning or overdose,” said Korionoff.

The then 33-year-old mother gave her 5-year-old son twice the amount of Benadryl that it would take to kill an adult, before she staged the accident and set the car on fire.

As far as a possible motive, Korionoff said Shafeirad was in the middle of custody battle. She had one more hearing left before the judge would have decided who would get custody of 5-year-old Daniel Dana, just 16 hours before that hearing, she killed her son.

Shafeirad will be sentenced in December.