Woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter after running over her husband

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LANHAM, Md. -- After deliberating for two days, a Prince George’s County jury convicted Araceli Alvarez-Mendoza of involuntary manslaughter.

In court, the woman admitted to hopping in a SUV and running over her husband, killing him back in August of 2015.

Monday, for the first time, the State’s Attorney’s Office released surveillance video of the incident.  In the video, the victim can be seen running across the street when then the SUV plows into him.

In court, Alvarez-Mendoza argued that she was a battered woman and she was defending herself in this incident, but the State’s Attorney’s Office said they did not have any record of prior domestic violence issues.

At a press conference, Monday, State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks, explained this case goes to show how important it is for people to report domestic violence problems.

“We actually do not have any documented history of domestic violence in this case and so we encourage all victims, male or female, to come forward and request assistance when they fall victim to domestic violence,” Alsobrooks said.

Emergency 911 calls were also used as evidence in court.  Monday, those calls were released to DCW50.

The State’s Attorney’s Office was pushing for a Second Degree Murder conviction; However, the jury seemed to believe that Alvarez-Mendoza did not run over her husband intentionally.

“She was very emotional.  She cried repeatedly and so I believe that the jury did believe her when she said her actions were unintentional, and that she didn’t mean to run him over she simply meant to cut him off,” explained Alsobrooks.

Alvarez-Mendoza was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, she facing up to 10 years in prison.