Fairfax County leaders envision dedicated bus lanes for Richmond Highway improvement

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Fairfax County — Richmond Highway traffic issues from Fort Belvoir to the Huntington Metro Station are the focus on an intense long range plan currently in development.

“What Route 1 needs is improvements for people who drive, people who use mass transit and, frankly, just pedestrians,” said Jeff McKay, a Fairfax County Supervisor.

Fairfax County planning leaders took their ideas to the public Monday for the second public information session on major improvements to the corridor.

The plan would include Bus Rapid Transit options that dedicate 2 center lanes on the highway for buses and leave the other lanes for cars. Bike lanes would also be installed.

Along each of those bus stops, Fairfax County envisions the kind of improvements that would attract new multi-use buildings that would attract businesses, new rental options and most importantly people to the area.

“We're planning for when my 4-year-old son is buying his first home— this is a long term plan for route 1,” said McKay.

As for the here and now, the Virginia Department of Transportation believes 80,000 cars use the highway daily.

McKay said buses along the Richmond Highway are already the most used in Fairfax County because of the Ft. Belvoir Army Installation.

For add your comments on the plan or find out more on proposed changes to the highway ahead of the next public meeting in the fall visit the county’s page for Embark Richmond Highway.