Gang members from MS-13 in court for gruesome murder

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WARNING: This article contains graphic descriptions.

MONTGOMERY CO. - It’s life in prison with no chance of parole for a Montgomery County man labelled a “ruthless, evil monster” by family members of the man he killed.

Mauricio Morales-Caceres, 24, was sentenced by Judge MaryBeth McCormick for the December 2014 murder of Oscar Uriel-Navarro. Uriel-Navarro’s body was discovered in his home by his estranged wife and two young children two days before Christmas.

"Now that we have, making sure, that he never going to hurt nobody else, I think it was better for us. Not going to bring Oscar back, but justice has been served,” said Nelson Navarro, Uriel-Navarro’s brother.

Morales-Caceres was convicted of stabbing Uriel-Navarro 89 times with a 15-inch knife, scalping him, and ripping out Uriel-Navarro’s liver with his bare hands and leaving it on his chest.

When arguing for the life sentence with no parole, the prosecution said Morales-Caceres and Uriel-Navarro were friends and that Morales-Caceres committed the murder to increase his standing in the street gang, MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha. In court, they showed video of Morales-Caceres receiving an MS-13 tattoo just days after the murder, along with photos of Morales-Caceres flashing MS-13 gang signs and wearing MS-13 gang colors.

Several of Uriel-Navarro’s family members were in the courtroom during the sentencing and read impact statements. His sister-in-law, Jessica, told the court that her heart had been shattered to pieces and called Morales-Caceres an “evil, heartless man without remorse”.

When asked if he wanted to say anything to the court or family members present, Morales-Caceres chose not to.

In her closing remarks before issuing the sentence, Judge McCormick told Morales-Caceres that if he’s a crippled, 70-year-old man in prison, it’s what he deserves, but added, she didn’t think he’ll make it to 40.

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