Former NSA chief sentenced for abusing, killing his son

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ROCKVILLE, Md. -- A father, former NSA chief, and decorated war hero was sentenced Tuesday for beating his son to death.


Brian O’Callaghan was sentenced to 20 years in prison with all but 12 years suspended, plus three years of supervised probation for abusing and killing his adopted, three-year-old son, Hyunsu.


“The issue here today was about the life and death of this young child,” said Ramon Korionoff, with the State’s Attorney’s Office.


Hyunsu’s death was ruled a homicide by multiple blunt impact injuries.


Exactly what happened that day in February 2014, is still unclear.  The only people home at the time were O’Callaghan and his other son, Aiden.


In court Tuesday, the father and former NSA chief admitted that he lied about how his son died.


Court documents show the toddler was beaten so badly, his brain fluids were pushed into is sinus cavity and spine and he immediately went into cardiac arrest.


The defense blamed PTSD.  Not only is O’Callaghan a former NSA chief, but he also did a number of tours in Iraq, and was part of the mission that helped save POW Jessica Lynch.


A doctor that practices Neuropsychiatry took the stand to explain what O’Callaghan went through.


“A PTSD episode is like a little explosion in the brain, an inability to control anger, that’s what this case is all about,” said Dr. Richard Restak.


In court, O’Callaghan admitted that he was unstable and never should have been left alone with his sons.


O’callaghan was sentenced to 12 years in prison, he had already served about 2 years, and he could be eligible for parole in about five years.





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