Demonstrators speakout after being released from Fairfax County jail

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FAIRFAX, Va. -- Four people were arrested Monday morning while blocking traffic on Chain Bridge Road in protest.  The demonstrators were demanding the firing of six officers who were involved in a tasing incident that killed a Fairfax County jail inmate in February 2015.


Brendan Orsinger was one of the protestors who was handcuffed, and taken in.  He talked with DCW50, shortly after being released.


“Natasha McKenna is the reason I was out there first and foremost,” Orsinger said.


Natasha McKenna was a 37-year-old mentally ill mom who died in custody after being tased four times by Fairfax County deputies who were trying to move her to another facility.


The sheriff’s department released video of the incident in full. (Warning, video has some content that may be disturbing to watch:


Monday, an advocacy group called Showing Up For Racial Justice Northern Virginia, hand-delivered a printed copy of a petition to the sheriff’s office, requesting all 6 officers involved be fired.


“We are not saying the entire sheriffs department is in malpractice but these folks definitely did something horrendous to a person of color,” expressed Orsinger.


Following an investigation into McKenna’s death, the Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office released a report on its findings, stating what happened was a tragic accident and there is no probable cause, much less proof beyond a reasonable doubt that anyone involved committed a crime.


However, demonstrators said they are not accepting that and will continue to fight for justice.


“We have to gain a better understanding as a community and as a nation of what leads to these issues instead of brushing the uncomfortable conversations aside,” said Orsinger.