DC leaders hoping to find missing WWII honor by turning to the public

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Washington DC – It could’ve been at a swap meet or a garage sale or in hanging in someone’s rec room but if you’ve seen large black glass plaque with emblazoned with the words ‘In Their Honor,’ you could help fill in the missing piece of a mystery that the Council of District of Columbia would like to solve.

The piece that helps honor World War II veterans and District employees remains missing. Council spokesman Josh Gibson is spearheading a project to return the plaques to the wall of the Wilson building for Veterans Day this year.

“When the plaque got broken renovators studiously kept big chunks of the plaque that were just a bunch of names,” said Gibson. “The top of the plaque, which would have been very attractive with a golden eagle on black glass background-- if that were broken they would have kept that.”

Gibson said that renovation work near the Mayor’s press office on the ground floor of the building on Pennsylvania Ave. happened in the 1990’s.

“A million different people have a million different ideas and a million different routes to try and get the information,” said Gibson.

Gibson helped DC launch a website that shares all the information he’s been able to find about the memorial with 1,800 names. He’s hoping it sparks clues to where the missing top piece is or in the very least more pictures or documents pertaining to the origins of the plaques.

You can get a look at that website by following this link.

“Hopefully we're cueing everyone up with everything they need then from there they can run with it and get us across the goal line,” said Gibson.