Residents plea for gun violence to stop in Southeast

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WASHINGTON –  Police said a man was shot and killed on Whaler Place Southeast early Sunday morning.

“Once again we are experiencing gun violence in southeast,” said ANC Commissioner Paul Tranthum.

According to police records, the shooting made for 62 homicides in the District so far in 2016.

“I had one of my contractors call me and say, Paul, what can you do over here in this area about the gun violence, we are tired of it, we are sick and tired of hearing the gun violence,” Tranthum explained, standing in the 900 block of Whaler Place.

About a month prior, another person was murdered in the same block.  And on May 16, there were five shootings in four hours, all but one were in Southeast.

Residents said they notice a difference when police are around but worry when they leave.

“That is only temporary, the bad people know the police will leave eventually, and that is when the guys that have these guns will come back out and do the same thing,” Tranthum said.

ANC 8E Chairperson Anthony Muhammad said the area needs more than police presence, it needs more cameras, more lighting, and tree trimming to help with visibility.  “It's pitch black at night here.  These trees need to be pruned so the lights and cameras can be seen.