Metro’s safety surge 2 slows eastern DC commute

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Washington DC -- A crowded day for many who normally rely on Metro.

Many who had to use shuttle busses rather than the Orange, Silver or Blue lines through the east side of the District couldn't help but complain as they were walking between a bus on Benning Road and the metro station below.

As part of the SafeTrack safety surge part 2 the Eastern Market, Minnesota Ave. and Benning Road stations will be shut down so construction can be done on the lines. That work is expected to be completed on July 3.

Despite the grumbling, some commended Metro for having employees on hand to keep them on the right track.

"I was really proud of metro of all the support," said Evelyn Thompson.

She started the trip to her doctor's office about two hours earlier than normal to avoid being late.

"I'm a senior and I have to keep it moving," said Thompson. "One of the things we have to do is not stay home because of the construction work."

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