‘I’ll shoot you!’ Virginia jeweler robbed at gunpoint

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FAIRFAX, Va. -- Police arrested and charged two men for robbing Dubai Jewelers in broad daylight Saturday. The men are accused of engaging in a shoot-out with police, shooting a bystander, fleeing the scene, and partaking in a car-jacking.

Tuesday, Fairfax County Police released this information about the on-going investigation:

“With tremendous assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Violent Crimes Task Force, the Prince George’s County, Maryland Police Department and the Charles County, Maryland Sheriff’s Office, 24-year-old, William Timothy Franklin, of Waldorf, Maryland was arrested at his home on Monday, May 23 around 9 p.m. At about the same time, agents from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol along with officers and the Port Authority Police of New York & New Jersey, arrested 26-year-old, Jasminder Sethi, also of Waldorf, at an airport in Newark, New Jersey. Felony warrants have been obtained charging Franklin with Robbery and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony. A felony warrant has been obtained charging Sethi with Robbery. Both arrestees are awaiting extradition back to Fairfax County.”

DCW50 talked with Muhammad Rayaz, owner of Dubai Jewelers, who was in the store alone Saturday afternoon when he was robbed at gunpoint.

“One of the clients came, an Indian looking guy, he just came and told me he wanted to buy something for his newlywed wife,” Rayaz said.

The man would later be identified by investigators as 26-year-old Jasminder Sethi.

Rayaz said Sethi bought a pair of earrings and left the store.

However, as the man left, he held the door open for a man that walked in wearing a ski mask.

"All I heard was 'don’t move I’ll shoot you!'" Rayaz explained. "He had a ski mask, a hammer, a bag and handcuffs."

From there, Rayaz said the gunman handcuffed him and locked him in the closet.

"But you know, I had the phone in my pocket and tried to call 9-1-1 from there, luckily the call went through," Rayaz said.

While Rayaz was trapped in the closet, police said the robber got in a shoot out with police and ended up shooting an innocent bystander before jumping into a getaway car.

Officer Megan Hawkins with Fairfax County, said when the suspects were arrested, “They were taken back to a local jails where they were arrested and now they have to face extradition which could take a matter of days or months.”