Metro will close at midnight starting in June

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Starting Friday, June 3, the Metrorail system will close at midnight every night, according to WMATA officials. This early closing time is to allow for the implementation of SafeTrack, the new plan to improve safety and restore service reliability within Metrorail. The last night with a 3 a.m. closing time will be Saturday, May 28.

Last week, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), threatened to shut down Metrorail if certain safety conditions were not met. In addition to implementing SafeTrack, closing metro stations at midnight every night will address those FTA and NTSB safety recommendations. WMATA also hopes that the new closing time will accelerate work to eliminate maintenance backlogs and restore Metro infrastructure to good health.

Last-train departure times will vary by station. You can  check to determine the last-train departure time for their trip.