Men who recorded police station shooting face multiple life sentences

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PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. -- A grand jury has indicted three brothers linked to a shootout outside a Prince George’s County Police station that left one officer dead due to friendly fire.

"They are each facing multiple life sentences,” said Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Aslobrooks, "We charged for several of the officers that were present in the parking lot at the station that day. Attempted murder against each of those officers, as well, with respect to Michael, filed charges for the motorists that he fired shots at."

Michael Ford, the accused gunman, faces second-degree murder and attempted murder among other charges.

Police alleged Ford went to the District Three Police Station on March 13, 2016 with the intention of dying in a shootout with police. In the ensuing firefight, Ford is accused of shooting at several police officers, passing cars, and a passing ambulance.

Prince George’s County Police Officer Jacai Colson was one of the officers that engaged Ford. He was not in uniform and driving a private car at the time. Colton was killed by friendly fire when another police officer mistook Colson for a second shooter.

The circumstances surrounding Colson’s death remain under investigation.

Ford’s brothers, Malik and Elijah, also face attempted murder charges.

The State’s Attorney alleged the brothers drove Michael Ford to the police station and filmed it on their cell phones.

"They were aware and they participated and so under an accomplice liability theory, they would be, they would all be able to be held accountable for the attempted murder,” added Alsobrooks.

Following the announcement of the indictment, Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski released this statement:

"We thank the citizens of the Grand Jury who handed down the indictments today. While this is a significant responsibility in and of itself, the product of their work supports the men and women of the Prince George's County Police Department and affirms the sacrifices they make for our community, and for that I'm deeply appreciative. This decision is another step in the process of ensuring justice is served on behalf of the Colson family, this police department and this community."

The next court appearances for the brothers will be their arraignment hearings, which are expected to happen within the next month.

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