Sabotage – Manhood On Steroids – Review

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Sabotage is a movie on more steroids than A-Rod, Barry Bonds and Ryan Braun combined!

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Breacher – a legendary soldier in the War on Drugs as he leads an elite DEA task force that pursues and captures the biggest and baddest cartel leaders in the business. Of course, this has led to some troubles for Breacher and his team, so they have decided to take matters into their own hands. They’re going rogue!

During a big raid with lots of explosions, smart ass remarks and cursing (you’re going to get alot of that in Sabotage), the team decides to help themselves to $10 million from the huge stack of money being stashed at a cartel hangout (because movie bad guys always have a huge table full of hundred dollar bills stacked to the ceiling).

As the DEA is investigating the team for theft and the $10 million has gone missing, members of Breacher’s team are being killed off one by one in the most heinous ways imaginable and unimaginable.

Is the cartel getting revenge?

Where is the money?

Will the DEA kick these people off the force?

Say what you want about Sabotage, but it is a movie that is honest about what it is.

Stuff is going to blow up.

Gruesomeness will be on display.

And everyone, even the women, will be acting more macho than Chuck Norris.

They might be stiff and ham handed about it, but they’re going for it.

Writer/Director David Ayer and co-writer Skip Woods practically inject testosterone into the celluloid as we see some of the bloodiest and most gruesome action ever displayed on screen. Movies like Saw and Hostel look like they were made for kindergarteners as each crime scene in Sabotage is drenched in blood and body parts. We even have one victim found nailed to the ceiling with his entrails hanging down like curtains. I am so glad I didn’t eat dinner before seeing this one (and you just put down the muffin you are eating while reading this).

If you don’t get grossed out by the blood and guts (literally, blood and guts are everywhere in Sabotage), the movie is kind of passable. Ayer and Woods give us a decent mystery as the audience is left wondering what happened to the money and who is carrying out this grand vendetta against the DEA team. It’s a bit too simple because we don’t get too much crime solving going on here. And, we don’t get too much crime solving, because Ayer and Woods are too busy trying to prove how macho everyone is.

Sabotage suffers because all of the characters become cartoon characters in the quest for manliness. Instead of being real and interesting, every one of them is reduced to an adrenaline-crazed junkie as they get rowdy at strip clubs, mock each other’s manhood and act like 16-year old boys who drank 5 too many Red Bulls.

Instead of being cool and macho, Sabotage comes off more like a dude with a Napoleonic Complex who is overcompensating for something.

1waffles_sml1 Waffle (Out of 4)

Sabotage is rated R for strong bloody violence, pervasive language, some sexuality/nudity and drug use.

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