“State of Fashion” in Washington DC

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

It was DC Fashion Week . Saturday, February 21 Christine Brooks-Crooper talked about the “State of Fashion” in Washington, DC. The evening was thought provoking while discussion centered on the opportunities, strengths and challenges for the fashion business.  Attendees were able to network, eat and listen to music at the Look Lounge.

Look Lounge was the perfect venue for the event. The atmosphere was sleek and ultra-sophisticated. The high ceilings allowed attendees to feel welcome and not cramped. The dance floor was turned into a runway for the local fashion boutique, D’oro Prive. After taking a bite of the delicious crab dish, focus temporarily turned to the other tantalizing tidbits on the buffet.

F. Aubrey from Jon Marc of Seven Curves arrived in DC after his NY Fashion Week Debut. He was not going to miss an opportunity to share his success and knowledge from other key influencers in the fashion industry. Jon Marc of Seven Curves is emerging as a successful brand that caters to women with curves and the most beautiful curve on a women is her smile.  Aubrey said that women should feel confident mixing new and old styles to create something fabulous!

Aubrey recognized organizations in DC that brought people together in the fashion industry such as DC Fashion Foundation and the Washington Chamber of Commerce.  It is important to have events in the DC community such as “Street of Fashion” because it provides an opportunity for emerging designers and stylists to network.

The majority of people recognize New York City, Los Angles and Miami as the main fashion hubs in America. Aubrey stated that it is time DC is recognized for fashion. DC is the nation’s capital. “We have First Lady Michelle Obama wearing stylish-designer clothes.” Politics and fashion can mix.

Another attendee, Earl Wyatt said, “When you find out information that will benefit your network you want to get them inside a room and make sure that they receive information from that source.” Wyatt was not shy about introducing himself to people. His charismatic personality enabled him to become a successful individual working at the prestigious public relations firm, Ketchum.

Do not shy away from fashion but become empowered by your DC community. Inspirations for new and reemerging styles are at your figure tips. DC is ready for its fashion recognition.

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