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Stephany Holguin is a producer and reporter for DCW50.

Her journalism career started as a copy editor at The Daily Progress in Charlottesville, Va. She left that job to become a reporter for Telemundo Noticias in Washington, D.C.. While at Telemudo she reported on several national headlines news such as, immigration, a deadly shooting inside a mall in Columbia, MD., and the disappearance of Relisha Rudd. After some time of living in the District, Holguin got an opportunity to become a news producer in Richmond, Va.

Her work contributed to several station Emmys in Richmond.

She holds a degree in Journalism from School of Media Arts and Design at James Madison University.

Outside of work she enjoys reading, going on bike rides, baking desserts and trying new food.

Recent Articles
  • ACLU racks up $24.1 million in donations over the weekend

    The ACLU said it has received more than $24 million dollars over the weekend.

  • Montgomery County Council approves minimum wage increase

    Council approved a bill that will gradually increase Montgomery County's minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2020.

  • IMG_9213

    Here’s what’s happening in the DMV between Dec. 8-11

    WASHINGTON, DC —  The District is known to be a vibrant city filled with events happening every day.  DCW50 put together a list of a few activities to check out on your free time. Thursday:  The National Zoo gets a makeover for the holidays.  Zoolights started in Thanksgiving and runs through New Year’s day with the exception for December 24 and 25. The walk through lasts until 9 p.m. Friday: Take a stroll through Georgetown and take a look at […]

  • Welfare check leads to drug bust

    Laurel, MD — Officers made an arrest in a drug bust that started as domestic assault. The Laurel Police Department said they were called in to an apartment on Contee Road for a welfare check Wednesday morning around 3. When officers walked in the apartment they said both 27-year-olds had visible wounds. Officers arrested Mark Clarke II and Naia Richardson for second degree assault. As officers investigated they said they noticed a large package of marijuana in plain view. Immediately, officers […]

  • Metro to cut a thousand jobs, shrink employee healthcare and scale down services

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Big changes will come to Metro in 2017, after the proposal of a “reality check” budget plan which will cut a thousand positions at WMATA, cut employee healthcare expenses, and cut rail and bus services. This announcement comes shortly after a memo from CEO Paul Wiedefeld, released Friday, described cutbacks which would affect more than 100 employees.  Metro is also beginning their biggest ever SafeTrack surge, which will severely shrink Red Line services for about a month. […]

  • ‘The gun didn’t kill my boy. I did’ — Father accidentally kills son at gun range

    Clayton Brumby, 64, pulled the trigger while trying to fish a hot shell casing out of the back of his shirt, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.