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  • Police, DC government ready for the summer; focusing on neighborhood improvements

    WASHINGTON D.C. – Pay no mind to the calendar or the thermometer— police and government leaders in the District of Columbia are ready to turn up the heat on criminals with the Summer Crime Initiative. The annual laser-focus on a handful of high crime zones across the district. This year police say they’ll keep a close eye on 11 areas which include the neighborhoods of Langston Carver, Trinidad, Grant Park NE Boundary, Greenway, Greater Anacostia, Woodland, Congress Heights, Douglass, Shipley, […]

  • Missing Maryland man found just trapped in place near Indian Head Highway

    OXON HILL, Md. – A Maryland man spent more than 48 hours trapped in place after a crash on Indian Head Highway. Gregory Eubanks, 41, was discovered Monday morning by highway workers checking on guardrail damage on the off ramp to the Capital Beltway from Maryland Route 201. Maryland Highway Patrol said the crash is under investigation but it’s clear that the crash sent the victim’s SUV down an embankment and Eubanks flying out of the car, unable to move. […]

  • Road rage incidents across the DMV, nation on the rise

    WASHINGTON D.C. — Honking, yelling and cursing during a drive around the DMV has become so common place that many people walking along M Street during rush hour don’t bat an eye when they hear two drivers duke it out with their horns and favorite hand gestures. Road rage incidents are far more concerning to those keeping an eye on road safety, though. One reason is because of the volume. Triple A statistics show that 80 percent of Americans have drivers […]

  • Guns, expensive projects highlight final hours of 2018 Maryland legislative session

    ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The annual last-minute flurry to avoid letting potential new Maryland laws die on the vine brought big spending issues and gun restrictions to the forefront. The annual “sinedie” process brought dozens of bills to lawmakers before the 90-day legislative session ends. Among some of the last bills to pass and await signature from Governor Larry Hogan: Senate Bill 1265— The Safe To Learn Act is a bill intended to bolster school safety by requiring new training standards […]

  • Troubled, condemned condo complex in Temple Hills sold for $17 million

      TEMPLE HILLS, Md. – The Lynnhill Condominium complex, a house of horrors for tenants and neighbors in Prince George’s County, has been sold for a little more than $17 million dollars in bankruptcy court. The two buildings were shut down and condemned in August of 2017 for numerous building safety violations. On Monday, a Bethesda company representing the Lynnhill Condominium Association announced the sale to Dragone Realty, LLC for $17.05 million. Neighbors were split on the news of the […]

  • DCW50 Heroes: Champ House providing a solid foundation for recovery amid opioid crisis

    BOWIE, Md. – This week’s DCW50 Heroes segment shines the spotlight on Champ House, a recovery center for men that aims to break the cycle of alcohol and drug addiction. Not surprisingly, the work load has grown in the last few years with the rise of opioid and heroin use. For more information about helping the non-profit organization with their home improvement needs or inquiring about space in the facility follow this link to their website.

  • Montgomery County suing to see Bethesda home torn down, tunnels eliminated

    BETHESDA, Md. – The home where a young man died in a house fire in September 2017 stands on unsteady ground. In fact, the claim in a new lawsuit filed by Montgomery County calls it a danger to the community. The problem stems from unauthorized tunnels dug by the homeowners, identified at David and Daniel Beckwitt. Authorities believe the tunnels likely stretch beyond the property line toward Danbury Road and into other another adjoining lot. Askia Khafra, 21, of Silver […]

  • All eyes on teachers absences in Prince George’s County

    PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – A large effort by unionized teachers and school staff to create chaos in Prince George’s County Public Schools by coordinating sick days never came to pass on Monday, as had been discussed and prepared for late last week, never came to pass. Administrators issued a letter to principals alerting them to the so-called plans and asking campus leaders to log any irregularities in policies. A tally of the sick day requests by the school district […]

  • DC Infrastructure Academy open for business, readies job force for in-demand jobs

    WASHINGTON D.C. – Companies that help keep the District of Columbia humming can expect many potential employees to be ready for a job with the help of the newly opened DC Infrastructure Academy. The $17-million facility is located in Ward 8 at 2330 Pomeroy Rd. SE. It will get the DC workforce ready for infrastructure jobs that help power, build and keep the city warm. According to a District press release, the partnership between DC Government and utility, union, university, […]