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Greenbelt Police searching for missing 12-year-old girl

GREENBELT, Md., -- In Greenbelt, the entire community has been searching for 12-year-old Kidist Gianna Jayla Smith, who just goes by Jayla.  Police say she took off from the Greenbelt Community Center on Monday.

“For whatever reason, she was last seen running down Southway Road in the general direction of Greenbelt Road. She then got onto a nearby Metro bus off of Lakeside Drive and then took it to the Metro station at New Carrolton.”, said Greenbelt Police Spokesperson, George Mathews.

From there, police say she hopped the train and got off at the Minnesota Avenue Station in Northeast DC.

According to workers at the community center, Jayla had come in with her mother who teaches a yoga class there and told her that she was going to use the restroom.
That's when they say she made a run for it, but the reason why remains a mystery.

“The general reaction from other staff here at the community center was just shock.”, said parent and community center employee, Amanda Larsen.

Mathews said, “We’re kind of bewildered. The parents don’t know, no one knows what drove her to leave the community center and to go to this specific location.”

Jayla was last seen in a neon green jacket with greenish-blue Capri leggings and her hair was in dreadlocks pulled to the top of her head.

Needless to say, the situation has some parents keeping a closer watch on their kids.

“My son actually asked today, like, ‘Mommy, can I go outside?’, and I’m like, oh no. You’re gonna stay with me.”, said local mom, Tiana.

According to police, Jayla did not have any established social media presence and do not believe her disappearance is due to an online meet up gone wrong.
They also said she haS no history of running away in the past.

Anyone who's seen her is asked to contact Greenbelt Police at 301.474.7200.