Assault suspect crashes into car with kids in front of Trump International Hotel

WASHINGTON, DC -- Sunday afternoon, five people were taken to the hospital following a crash in front of Trump International Hotel that involved a person suspected of assault with a deadly weapon, according to police.

“It just all happened so fast, you’re just like, wow, I can’t believe we’re sitting in the middle of this on this beautiful day,” said John Carter, who was having lunch with his family outside the hotel when the commotion began.

Carter says when they heard the sirens, they thought it was a motorcade.

“This white car that is missing the bumper was being chased by several police cars. When he hit this intersection, I think he realized there was a barricade there and somebody was in front of him and t-boned a car," he said.

Police believe the car that the suspect was driving to be stolen.

Stephen Port was in the clock tower of the Trump International Hotel where he captured video of the scene as it unfolded.

He says he’s thankful it wasn’t anything more serious.

“Your mind starts going to all the things happening  around the world. It’s one block from a Syrian festival that’s happening with blow up games, and you think, 'Oh my gosh, is somebody trying to hit there?'” said Port.

The suspect in the crash was arrested, and Metropolitan Police are still investigating.

None of the people taken to the hospital have life threatening injuries, according to police.