Where to find glasses for the solar eclipse by Monday

If you are planning on viewing the solar eclipse on Monday make sure you have the proper eye-ware.  If you do not wear protective sunglasses or view through a viewing box you could possibly damage your eyes or go blind do make sure to take precautions.

Here is where to find glasses in the DMV:

  • Hyattsville Library, Maryland: they will be given out on the day of the eclipse
  • Montgomery County Parks, Maryland: They are hosting a watch party at MLK Jr, Recreational Park in Silver Spring, Maryland and they will be live streaming it.
  • Chevy Chase Library, Maryland: They will be hosting a viewing party and handing out glasses to registered attendees. They will also be live streaming.
  • National Air and Space Museum, National Mall: They have been handing out glasses each day and will hand out more on the day of the eclipse.
  • National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: This location in Northern Virginia is also handing out glasses each day and will have them on Monday for the eclipse.
  • Arlington Public Library, Virginia: The library was given 11 pairs of solar eclipse glasses from PBS SpaceTime on Tuesday which aren’t expected to last long. They will be distributed at the Connection: Crystal City Pop-Up Library.
  • Warby Parker: The store is hoping to get a new shipment in this weekend but are currently out of stock. The company has stores in Shaw, Georgetown, Tysons Corner, and Bethesda.

The following are a list of reputable sellers that have previously been selling the glasses. Please check a store locator to see if they are selling in your area and if they are in stock.