DC demonstrators converge on the White House in response to Charlottesville

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WASHINGTON DC -- Close to 1,000 in the nation's capital continue to call for change in the wake of deadly violence in Charlottesville over the weekend.

Clashes between white supremacists and protestors turned tragic when one man drove his vehicle down a street and into dozens of people. One woman was killed and 19 were injured. Two Virginia State Troopers were also killed when the helicopter they were in to monitor the events crashed.

Both the mayor and police chief blamed the white supremacist group while they, in turn, blamed police for not providing enough separation and protection from protestors.

For the second consecutive day, a rally was held in front of the White House.

"We just have to show up and say there's more of us than them and that's not the country we're going to allow ourselves to be," said Rosalie Kendall, a demonstrator at Monday's rally.