FBI’s Ten Most Wanted fugitive arrested in Woodbridge

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Walter Yovany Gomez

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — A member of MS-13 who has ties to Maryland and Virginia, and who made the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list earlier this year, has been arrested without incident in Woodbridge.

Walter Yovany Gomez was wanted in connection with the murder of a man in Plainfield, New Jersey. Julio Matute, the victim, was hit in the head with a bat, had his throat sliced and was stabbed in the back 17 times because he was suspected of socializing with a rival gang. Gomez’s alleged co-conspirator in this homicide has already been convicted.

Gomez was arrested on August 11, in what the FBI describes as “[the] result of a well-coordinated investigation and tips received from the public.”

He had been placed on the Ten Most Wanted list on April 12.  Gomez was the 513th person to be placed on the list, which was established by the FBI in 1950.