Two of Alexandria’s K9s get ballistic and stab protective vests

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ALEXANDRIA, VA —  A nonprofit organization is donating ballistic and stab protective vests for two K9’s with the Alexandria Police Department.

The department says K9 Odin’s vest is sponsored by an anonymous donor and will be embroidered with the sentiment that

Nonprofit is donating two ballistic and stab protective vests for two K9’s in the Alexandria Police Department. (Source: APD)

reads, “In memory of Dr. John T. Dailey & Poncho.”  The other vest is for K9 Zeus’ and it was sponsored by Anne Best Rector and Tim Allen of Alexandria, Va., and the message on the vest reads: “Gifted by Anne Best Rector & Timothy O. Allen.”

The vests are expected to arrive within eight to 10 weeks.

Vested Interest in K9s, Inc. is a charity in East Taunton, Massachusetts. According to its website, the nonprofit’s mission is to provide custom-made bullet and stab protective vests to law enforcement dogs across the US. The program is open to dogs actively employed with police or related agencies.

The donation to provide one protective vest for a law enforcement K9 is $1,050.00.  Vested Interest in K9’s says each vest is valued between $1,795 to $2,234 and it comes with a five year warranty.