2-year-old drowns in Gaithersburg

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. -- A 2-year-old boy died after drowning in a lake on Friday night in Gaithersburg.

Police received a call for a missing child along Lakeshore Drive around 7:30 that evening. The family of Malik Bojang told the 911 operator that the child was being watched while playing with is siblings at a playground near Lake Whetstone when he wandered off and was found in the water.

Police also received another call from a concerned citizen who say Bojang in the water.

The passerby pulled the child out of the lake, and he and a police officer began CPR until EMS could get there.

The child was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Paul Starks, a spokesman for the Montgomery County Police Department, said no charges are expected to be filed in the investigation into the boy's death.

Starks said the family did everything it could once they realized the boy had wandered off. He said this is a sad reminder that it doesn't take long to drown.

Starks added that keeping a vigilant eye on young children and teaching them to swim as soon as possible are good advice for any family.