Protest following climate agreement decision draws big crowd to White House

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WASHINGTON DC – A rally in response to President Donald Trump’s decision reverse course on the nation’s commitment to follow suit with almost every other nation in the world and follow a set of environmental rules and standards broke out in front of the White House Thursday.

The event drew more than 1,000 people including former Secretary of Labor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez.

“We understand as Democrats that climate change is a threat to our country it's a threat to our world,” said Perez. “We stand behind the American workers who are benefitting from the focus on the future - this is an environmental disaster, this is an economic disaster, this is a moral disaster. This is a public health disaster. This is an abdication of leadership and you know what we will do? We will make sure that people who support this President-- others in congress others in state legislatures, that they pay for this at the ballot box. That's what we will do."

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Many potential voters from around the DMV attending the rally were also disappointed by the President’s actions regarding the Paris Accords.

“I think he's embracing a dieing 20th century technology with fossil fuels which is extremely harmful going forward,” said Anne O’Donnell, a College Park resident.

“I think he has deliberately gone after President Obama achievements to strike them down” said Dr. Allison Clark, a protester who was at the White House almost an hour before the rally began.

Clark was joined by Marianne Susaanti Follingstad, a Rockville woman, who can’t understand why President doesn’t see climate control as an issue that could impact families in the future.

“It's important for the planet, it's important for the economy; it's important for future generation,” said Susaanti Follingstad. “I'm surprised he doesn't look at his own son and wonder what kind of planet am I leaving this kid?”