Maryland families fall victim to scam, lose thousands of dollars

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COUNTY, Md. -- Families in Calvert County say they lost thousands of dollars after falling victim to a scam targeting people who post adds on Facebook about needing home repairs and services.

On one of the hottest days of the year, The Campbell Family’s home air conditioning unit stopped working.

Duncan Campbell says his wife did what many people do, she hopped on Facebook and asked people for recommendations of someone who could fix it.

Campbell says Keven Dillard with KD Services responded in minutes, and at first, Campbell did not see any red flags.

The Calvert County father says Dillard wrote up an invoice, asking for nearly $4,000 dollars to buy a new AC unit and install it.

Campbell wrote out two checks in Dillard’s name, for thousands of dollars.

First weeks passed, then a month passed.  Today, Campbell says he is out thousands of dollars and still does not have AC.

Joel Braford says his family also fell victim to the same scam.

Bradford says he hired Dillard to work on his boat lift.

“He’s gotten $2,900 dollars out of us and I finally called him and said look, I want to see some parts, or I want my money back,” Bradford explained.

Not only did his lift never get fixed, Bradford says his boat is now damaged as well.

“Now we have not been able to find him or talk to him,” said Bradford.

DCW50 called the number listed on Dillard’s business card, and it was out of service.

In digging deeper, DCW50 found that other families in Maryland say they too had issues with this same person running this same scam.  Right now, there are two other people that have just filed claims against Dillard and the state of Maryland won a judgment against Kevin Dillard a few years ago in Anne Arundel County.