Eighteen indicted in Maryland opioid smuggling ring

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PIKESVILLE, Md. — The heroin investigative unit of Maryland State Police executed 22 search warrants this morning, leading to the arrest of 18 in a large Maryland heroin and opioid distribution ring.

The investigation began in fall 2016 when the unit gathered information that indicated Paul Roberts, 46, of Worton, was a suspect in a large scale drug trafficking ring in Queen Anne’s County.

They also identified Roma Scott, 52, as a suspected long-time supplier and dealer of cocaine, crack, and opioid pills. Police claim that Roberts and Scott were laundering their drug income through small businesses like event planning and lawn care.

Over the past six weeks, police suspect that Roberts and Scott had collectively imported four thousand Oxycodone, 50 morphine pills, 50 Fentanyl pills, a mix of a thousand Suboxone, Methadone and Percocets, and 49 ounces of cocaine. Police say these drugs had an estimated value in excess of $130,000, and that they were sold for profit in Kent County and Queen Anne’s County.

More than a dozen law enforcement agencies teamed up to arrest individuals who are accused of being involved with this drug ring. The following were indicted early Thursday morning:

The following individuals were indicted early this morning:

Roma  Scott, 52, Worton, MD

Robert Wakefield Wright, 60, Worton, MD

David O’Conner Johnson, 64 , no fixed address

Marie Elizabeth Todd, 29, Chestertown, MD

Jervis Wardell Blake, 52, Chestertown, MD

Alexandria Antonia Crawford, 22, Chestertown, MD

Robert Henry Brown, 43, Annapolis, MD

Aubrey Paum Cici, 58, Worton, MD

Sara Jane Hoffman, 54, Church Hill, MD 21623

Gregory Delano Lomax, 42, Millington, MD

Paul Standsbury Roberts, 46, Worton, MD

Alisha Kelly Kern, 28, Worton, MD

Kirby Brier Kimble, 22, Centreville, MD

Brittany Nicole Stokes, 22, Sudlersville, MD

John Louis Lloyd 3rd, 35, Marydel, MD

Kwazi Odean Robinson, 37, Preston, MD

Jami Lynn Robinson, 36, Preston, MD

Jeffery Brian Cwalina, 42, Stevensville, MD

The illegal drugs and opioids seized when the search warrants were executed include:

  • Heroin seized – 90.3 grams
  • Marijuana seized  – 446.3 grams
  • Oxycodone pills seized  -152
  • Other Prescription pills seized – 245
  • Fentanyl Pills seized -15
  • Crack Cocaine seized – 6 grams
  • Powdered Cocaine seized – 5 grams
  • Vehicles recovered – 15
  • Firearms recovered -14