Community holds vigil for 15 year old murdered in Prince George’s County

LANDOVER, Md. -- Police are still trying to learn more about who was involved in the murder of 15 year old, Dennis Taylor in Landover Saturday night.

Monday night, Taylor’s family held a vigil in his honor.

Emotions ran high, as family and friends gathered to remember Taylor who was shot and killed just a few doors down from his home on Columbia Place.

Some of the 15 year old’s former teachers say Taylor was a natural born leader.

“Many students looked up to Dennis to learn how to be cool to learn how to be mature, learn how to be a leader.  When he walked in, the room lit up, he was a bright force of energy.”

An energy that family and friends said they will miss forever.

Police said they found a gun at the crime scene, but they still searching for a suspect or suspects in this case.