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Parts of Maryland brace for up to a foot of snow

MARYLAND – “We have been fairly lucky so far.  Just last week people were saying, ‘Oh we made it through,’ and I said, ‘Hey do not jinx us!’”  said Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, at a press conference, Monday.

As salt trucks loaded up, Governor Hogan encouraged people take this storm seriously in spite of what has otherwise been a mild winter.

In Montgomery County, the Department of Transportation said crews had been pretreating since Sunday.  At the height of their operation they planned to have about 400 crews on the roads.

In Frederick, people were making last minute runs, bracing for up to a foot of snow.

At stores shovels, bread, and water were flying off the shelves.

Maryland state and local officials said crews would be working through Monday night as the snow intensifies and advised people to stay off the roads Tuesday morning.