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Maryland grandmother facing more charges

CALVERT COUNTY, MD — A Maryland grandmother is facing more charges after a 15-month-old was hospitalized due to a methadone overdose, according to police.

55-year-old Judith Anne Badrian Tetreault, of Lusby, is being held at the at the Calvert County Center on a no bond status. She’s been charged with first-and-second degree child abuse, attempted poisoning, first degree assault, neglect of a minor, and distribution of a controlled dangerous substance.

Judith Anne Badrian Tetreault, of Lusby. Source: Calvert County Sheriff's Office

Judith Anne Badrian Tetreault, of Lusby. Source: Calvert County Sheriff’s Office

Tetreault was arrested on Friday, Feb. 10, after the Maryland Department of Child Protective services called the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office to report a child that appeared to have been poisoned. A day before the arrest, police say the grandmother had been taking care of the baby. When the mother picked up the child she noticed the baby was “very lethargic” and has was showing symptoms of being poisoned, immediately, police said she rushed her child to Calvert Memorial Hospital. The baby was eventually transferred to Georgetown University Medical Center, where doctors determined the baby was suffering from a methadone overdose. Doctors treated the overdose and was monitored for cardiac and respiratory issues.

Police say the child is now home, no word if the overdose will have a lasting impact on the child.