New Seal Pup at National Zoo

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WASHINGTON — The Smithsonian National Zoo welcomed a cute friend to the Grey Seal Colony. On January 21st, Kara, a 33-year-old grey seal gave birth to the newest seal. The Zoo official say they will monitor the pup closely as she nurse and bond with her mother Kara.


Grey Seal Kara with her new female pup.

According to the National Zoo, the new seal pup is the third for Kara and her 26-year-old father Gunther. When the pup becomes three-weeks-old, she will began shedding her coat which will show grey and mottled patterns similar to adult seals.

The National Zoo plans to introduce the new seal pup to the seal colony once she is weaned from her mother. The newest seal will be on display in the spring with the other two adult grey seals and two harbor seals.

There is no word on the naming of the new seal pup.

You can follow updates on the zoo’s Facebook and Twitter pages.