Incarnate – Aaron Eckhart gets PAID! – Review

Courtesy BH Tilt

Aaron Eckhart must have been paid some BIG BANK to make this Incarnate slop.

Eckhart stars as Dr. Seth Ember – an incarnate who battles demons by entering the minds of those who are possessed.  More badass than those exorcist dudes, Seth has been chasing after a particular demon, Mary, who may have shown up in a possessed teen boy, Cameron (David Mazouz).

For Seth, this one is personal!  So, he sets off to do battle with Mary one more time.

Director Brad Peyton and writer Ronny Christensen are trying to roll out every cliché in the book In what we hope will be a failed attempt to create some sort of new horror movie franchise.

Seth is battling the evil demon, while also battling the demons inside him, brought upon by a dark, tragic accident in his past (which they tease and tease and tease, even though you figure it out in about 5 seconds).

Seth is part of some underground subculture operating all around us, yet, in secrecy, but on the Vatican’s radar, when their exorcists can’t handle the job (and they send a sexy babe with a briefcase of money to convince Seth to take the job).

A kid is in danger, so we should be all concerned for this innocent kid’s wellbeing (but the boy isn’t young enough to draw that sympathy and concern out of the audience as the demon spouts out threats, so he comes off like a sullen emo kid who should be listening to The Cure).

Plus, the movie just won’t end as a twist or two are thrown in to shock us (even though you figure it out in about 5 seconds).

Eckhart is emoting his butt off for this one, but even he can’t save a lame script and lamer premise.

0_5waffles_sml½ Waffle (Out of 4)

Incarnate is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images, brief strong language, sensuality and thematic elements.