Hundreds protest in the District following Donald Trump’s election

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WASHINGTON -- Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump won the presidential election, protestors held rallies across the country. Hundreds gathered in the District, in front of the White House, Trump Hotel, and American University.

During a protest at American University, a moment was captured on cell phone video, in which a student burned the United States flag.

“I’m honestly very fearful, I fear that Trumps words are going to insight violence and I feel like he has already demonized certain communities,” expressed Santos Moreno.  Moreno is a Mexican-American AU student.  He told DCW50 his family is terrified by the ideas trump pushed while campaigning.

“I’ve talked to my mom, my dad, my aunts, they are all defeated, but we are just figuring out how we are going to fight this as a family,” Moreno explained.

Arden Karman, also an AU student, she said she was just as afraid, but for different reasons.

“You know he is going to enforce a defensive marriage act, that gay marriage will no longer be legal.”

However, not all students at the protest felt the same way.

“Even though Trump has caused a lot of controversy, you have to respect that he is about to hold the highest office,” Daniel Bronstein told DCW50.

Meanwhile, over on Pennsylvania Avenue, in front of the White House, hundreds of people marched and sang by candlelight, as they prayed for unity, healing, and peace.